Dedicate time to those you love

4th February 2019

By Hester Moore

You can’t escape Valentine’s day. Some hate it and some love it. Me? well I actually like it and that’s not because of any great plans but because I get to make it mean whatever I want. I love the idea of dedicating time to those we love and those that we want to spend time with, be it my partner, daughter or best friends.

After the longest coldest start to the year, I’m ready to get dressed up. Valentine’s day is an opportunity to stick on some lipstick and wear your favourite shoes.

In great anticipation, I have put together three outfits featuring a beautiful faux fur accessory that adds a little glamour and luxury to the occasion. We have also created a Valentine’s Gift Edit on our website click here to discover more.


Go red for a romantic night

This outfit screams Valentine’s night out. I want to go bold and this is the way to do it. Animal print is not going anywhere, so this Ocelot Slim Vixen is perfect for my big night out. Trousers Zara £39.99, Top Reiss £95, Shoes Russell and Bromley £215, Ocelot Faux Fur Slim Vixen by Helen Moore £79.

Ocelot Faux Fur Slim Vixen
Featuring the Ocelot Faux Fur Slim Vixen



A night out with the girls


Feel relaxed and look chic in this heavenly outfit. I want to live in this jumpsuit by Toast. Pair it with the Sea Green faux fur waistcoat to bring out colour, texture and add glamour. The only other thing it needs is a few small but well thought out accessories. Jumpsuit by Toastsea green faux fur Waistcoat by Helen Moore £135, Earrings by Luna and Curious £17 (made in England), Shoes by LK Bennet, Bag by Mulberry £425.


Featuring Sea Green Faux Fur Waistcoat


All Together Now

Share the love and get everyone together for a celebration. This outfit is light, celebratory and romantic. I love this Toast jumpsuit and can see myself wearing it all year. Jumpsuit by Toast, Shoes by Alexa Chung £355, faux fur dusky pink Loop Scarf by Helen Moore £56, Honeypot Bag by Helen Moore £99



Helen Moore faux fur Dusky Pink Loop Scarf and The Honeypot Bag
Featuring the Dusky Pink Loop Scarf and The Honeypot Bag



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